Ven Vern

Ven Vern (aka James Bond)Vern Ven (a.k.a. ‘James Bond’) is a native of Siem Reap, the small city at the edge of the huge Angkorian Park which encompasses Angkor Wat, Bayon, Preah Kahn, Bantay Sre and the myriad other magnificent temples and ruins of the ancient Khmer Kingdoms. Ven was 16 at the time of the filming of ‘Nice Hat!’.  From living in the shadow of Angkor, and from showing visitors and tourists around the Angkorian Park, he is extremely knowledgeable on Khmer history and fluent in numerous languages.

Ven, still using his pseudonym, 'James Bond' is developing his own business giving guided tours of Angkor and the region.  You can find out more about his services at his site: