Rithy Pahn

Rithy PahnRithy Panh is probably the most important living Cambodian filmmaker.  At the onset of the Khmer Rouge regime, he was exiled to Thailand. He eventually made his way to Paris where he completed a degree in filmmaking at the French National Film School.  His documentary and feature films have won countless awards including a nomination for the Palme d’Or  [Neak sre (Rice People)1994] and the Francois Chalais award [S-21, la  machine de mort Khmere rouge (S-21 the Khmer Rouge Killing Machine) 2003] both at Cannes.  But for anyone who wants to understand Cambodia (or in fact humanity) Rithy Panh’s films are required viewing not because of their awards, but because of  his voice.  His work delivers an unparalleled depth and commitment to understanding the hopes and dark places of humanity without resorting to diversionary sensation. The surprises he delivers on film are breathtaking.

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